Rick Fayard, Attorney at Law




Rick Fayard specializes in litigation, proudly representing people from all walks of life. He has represented professionals such as doctors, lawyers and accountants and their families, politicians and corporations, both large and small, and has been the champion for those  who have been persecuted by those large corporations, and those who feel helpless against governmental abuse.  He has tried many jury cases including those in Caddo, Bossier, Ouachita, and Desoto Parishes. He is a fair-minded, ethical, and aggressive advocate for his clients. 


When you have to confront the most daunting situation of being ordered to appear before a judge, and you open the court room door, be sure to walk to the front of the court beside an attorney who has been there thousands of times before, someone who will provide for you the assurance that your life and the lives of your family are being carefully protected by an experienced and competent trial attorney. Rick Fayard has provided that assurance to thousands of clients before you. He will do that for you as well.